Quoting Soukcom.com’s CEO in Al Wafd newspaper

AlWafd Newspaper Issue No. 9378 on the 6th of March 2017

Chief Executive Officer of Soukcom.com Dr. Eng. Rana Raouf Farag quoted in the Egyptian newspaper Alwafd about the solutions that #Soukcom.com provides for the economic empowerment of manufacturers, traders and business owners in the Arab world and Africa.

You can visit the platform at www.soukcom.com

News Text:

Dr. Eng. Rana Raouf Farag Soukcom CEO stated that there are many obstacles facing the economic empowerment of women, especially when it comes to the financial sector and banking services when they deal with startups and small enterprises. Explaining that she, herself, has faced problems in paying employees their salaries through a bank payroll. Such that, the banks imposed a condition of a minimum of 15 employees to provide such a service. Also SMEs funding through bank loans doesn’t help in many cases, where banks require at least three profitable financial statements for the direct past three years from a company so that they qualify for a loan. Neglecting the fact that, some projects require a period to generate profit such as the E-portal that her team is working on right now, which aims to market for the Arabic and African products.

Rana, the co-founder of the first electronic platform that encourages the regional trade and industrial exports between the Arabic and African countries, said that women are playing their role in the economy and trying to succeed in securing their children’s future and a decent life for themselves. Stressing on that the platform is trying to help business women to market their products especially in the case of Micro Enterprises and hand craft makers. Also, it facilitates the methods of collecting money for these women through the use of electronic payment methods instead of banks such as companies that offer electronic payment services, to combat the electronic payment process obstacles imposed by the Egyptian banks.

She pointed out that has started her project in 2014 to solve the problem of marketing that faces business owners and help them to sell their products and services in the Arabic and African market. Explaining that business women need the financial and marketing advice to run their businesses more efficiently and the governmental support to promote for local handicrafts could also have a great impact. Also she stressed on the importance of a network that gathers all small, micro, medium and large enterprises so that it can help them to inter-trade and contribute effectively to the Regional and Global Value Chain.

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